Dormitory department

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Department of Medical Sciences,Mashhad University dormitories try to provide a safe and comfortable place to stay non-nativestudents, and create the enabling environment for promoting excellence in all aspects of students in higher education.
The Office of Student Management is a subset of the issues related to the settlement of non-indigenous students in Mashhad.
 Mashhad University of Medical Sciencescampushas4dormitories for womenand2 for men,
after reviewing requests from students applying for residence, according to its existing capacity will accommodate eligible students.


Dormitory facilities:

Dormitories have public and private facilities inside the room.

Public facilities: dormitories include TV hall, study hall, computer site, chapel, sports room, steam iron room and separate bathroom and W.C in the floors.

Room’s facilities: Rooms equipped with beds, mats, rugs, refrigerator, table and chairs. Note that providing other personal appliances shall be borne by the student.